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The SPA Academy and Training Center

“Professionals’ trainer makes your dream come true”

Spa and wellness become more and more popular in our modern world. Health and beauty influence our success in both our private and professional life. Therefore, they have become very important to us.

For this reason, Siam Spa Academy has set up special beauty spa training courses found successful outside Thailand and oversea. Our professional training will help you to become a professional both in theory and practice.

We combine traditional knowledge, 25 years of teaching experience and modern technology along with our professional staff to provide an outstanding learning experience.

All of our courses are approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health as well as ministries in other countries.

Standard  and Intensive Course to serve individual need, Please visit our website  Or call for more information. www.siam-spa.com

Our Spa Academy

1. Beauty Spa Therapist Diploma : 300-320 hours/46,000 Baht

This course has been created for those students who have never studied spa therapy training before. It is designed to take you from the basics and bring to you to the level of a skilled spa therapist.

Subjects covered:
  • Alternative treatments
  • Product knowledge
  • Aromatic and Thai herbs
  • Facial treatment and skin care
  • Aromatherapy massage and Oil treatments
  • Body scrubs and body wraps
  • Water treatment, spa baths and minerals for health

Beauty Spa Diploma – Advanced : 150 hours/35,000 Baht

This program will be credit to 300 hours
This program is designed for those students who have had previous spa training experience and wish to upgrade the knowledge and skills to an advanced level.

Spa Management Diploma Programs : 585 hours/62,000 Baht

This course encompasses all aspects of spa management from investment to product knowledge and is designed to build your understanding and confidence in order to enable your business to be a success.

1. Intensive Thai Oil Massage : 60 hours/15,000 Baht

The study of Thai oil massage and Aroma therapy treatments and methods in order to become a Thai oil massage technician.

2. Waxing Treatment : 18 hours/12,000 Baht

The equipment, and knowledge of the products used in waxing treatments and practice face and eyebrow procedures along with specific areas such as bikini line.

3. Eyebrow Shaping and Colour Treatments : 12 hours/4,000 Baht

This deals with eyebrow shaping and colouring where the student will learn about face shapes and the use of colour in these treatments. The program features theory and practice.

4. Hair Spa Treatment : 18 hours/10,000 Baht

Learn about intensive aromatic treatment combined with head massage. You will practice these treatments using a variety of natural fruits and herbs.

1. Traditional Thai Wisdom Massage : 30-60 hours/9,000-12,000 Baht

The Original Thai massage have been passed on through the generations from ancient times. In order to learn Thai traditional massage the student needs to be able to study the process step by step as well as understanding the analysis of the body’s anatomy and physiology.

2. Foot Massage & Reflexology : 24 hours/6,000 Baht

This is learning about the specific points areas of foot anatomy and how they correspond to the different internal organs and understanding the benefits of foot massage reflexology techniques in order as preparation for being a professional spa therapist.

3. Foot and Hand Treatment : 30  hours/10,000 Baht

This course deals with the use of paraffin wax treatments in combination with herbal foot massage. Learn the techniques required along with manicure and pedicure and general nail care. The student will practice in order to be able to master their skills in foot and hand spa methods.

4. Facial Treatment (Intensive Program) : 30 – 60 hours/12,000 – 15,000 Baht

Studying facial treatment is not only about practice the knowledge of the anatomy of the face but also requires the student to understand skin type analysis and skin care maintenance. Learn how to create and present a facial care menu and pricing.

5. Spa Body Treatment : 60-80 hours/15,000-  19,000 Baht

The study of body massage and aromatherapy treatments and methods and the use of aromatic oils. The student will be able to understand the concept of spa, water therapy and bath treatments. You will also be taught how to create your own aroma oil.

6. Herb Compress and Use of Herbs in Spa Treatments : 12 hours/4,000 Baht

The study of the use of therapeutic herbs and heat to eliminate toxins from the body. Students will learn how to use these herbs in combination with massage techniques in order to reduce muscular tension and improve blood circulation.

7. Hot Stone Therapy Treatment : 30-60 hours/12,000-18,000 Baht

Learn the basics of hot stone therapy and it’s beneficial characteristics. You will study how to use this therapy in combination with massage techniques and how to create a decorative spa environment.