Siam Spa Health and Beauty
” Welcome to The home of Wellness Wisdom “

If we understand the value of each human life, we will understand the need to care for  our physical and mental health so we can enjoy the fullness of life.

Siam Spa and Beauty stands for passing on traditional Thai wisdom regarding health, which has always aimed at balancing both the physical and mental components of our lives so that we can live a life in which body, mind and spirit are fully integrated. The meaning of the name Siam Spa Health and Beauty

SIAM: A country with its own unique identity, language and culture, which embodies a distinctive wisdom passed down for generations aimed at benefiting all of our fellow human beings.

SPA: maintaining wellness through a variety of means, often involving water while using a full spectrum of therapies often using local herbs and flowers, which when blended together provide health benefits long known in Siam.

HEALTH:  looking after one’s bodily and mental health in an integrated manner, which includes massage, a relaxing atmosphere and an aesthetic setting.  All of these combined are aimed at we call a NEW START.

N.  NUTRITION – eating healthy foods.
E.  EXERCISE – exercising regularly.
W. WATER – drinking clean water as well as using water-related therapies.
S. SUNSHINE – getting regular exercise outdoors in the sunshine helps provide vitamins to strengthen the immune system, build red blood cells and strengthen the skin.
T. TEMPERANCE – regular exercise and a moderate lifestyle.
A. AIR – exposure to fresh air.
R. REST – getting sufficient rest to bring balance to the body.
T. TRUST – believing in a spiritual reality greater then oneself that can provide one with assurance in life.

BEAUTY: Good health is an integral component of beauty, which no one can deny. Siam Spa Health and Beauty continually emphasizes that looking after one’s health and beauty go hand in hand.Nurturing and maintaining all of these components essential to a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit is the guiding philosophy of SIAM SPA HEALTH AND BEAUTY.