1. Intensive Thai Oil Massage : 60 hours/15,000 Baht
The study of Thai oil massage and Aroma therapy treatments and methods in order to become a Thai oil massage technician.

2. Waxing Treatment : 18 hours/12,000 Baht
The equipment, and knowledge of the products used in waxing treatments and practice face and eyebrow procedures along with specific areas such as bikini line.

3. Eyebrow Shaping and Colour Treatments : 12 hours/4,000 Baht
This deals with eyebrow shaping and colouring where the student will learn about face shapes and the use of colour in these treatments. The program features theory and practice.

4. Hair Spa Treatment : 18 hours/10,000 Baht
Learn about intensive aromatic treatment combined with head massage. You will practice these treatments using a variety of natural fruits and herbs.