1. Beauty Spa Therapist Diploma : 300-320 hours/46,000 Baht
This course has been created for those students who have never studied spa therapy training before. It is designed to take you from the basics and bring to you to the level of a skilled spa therapist.

Subjects covered:

  • Alternative treatments
  • Product knowledge
  • Aromatic and Thai herbs
  • Facial treatment and skin care
  • Aromatherapy massage and Oil treatments
  • Body scrubs and body wraps
  • Water treatment, spa baths and minerals for health
  • Hair spa treatments
  • Head and foot spa treatments

2. Beauty Spa Diploma – Advanced : 150 hours/35,000 Baht

Note: This program will be credit to 300 hours
This program is designed for those students who have had previous spa training experience and wish to upgrade the knowledge and skills to an advanced level.

Subjects covered:

  • A pre-course test of skills
  • Product knowledge of herbs used for treatments
  • Facial treatments and skin care (The facial treatments with an aroma therapist)
  • Aroma Oil treatment, body treatment and oil massage
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Practice and work experience

3.  Spa Management Diploma Programs : 585 hours/62,000 Baht
This course encompasses all aspects of spa management from investment to product knowledge and is designed to build your understanding and confidence in order to enable your business to be a success.

Subject content:

  • Spa business studies of 5 divisions
  • The spa environment and the understanding of spa services.
  • Product knowledge
  • Facial treatments and skin care
  • Aroma therapy treatments
  • Body wrap treatments
  • Spa operation procedures
  • Selecting your staff
  • Purchasing, stocking and maintenance
  • Designing spa menus and packages
  • Product costs estimation
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Business planing and spa systems
  • Work assignment
  • Establishing and maintaining spa standards to legal requirements
  • On the job trainging