Pure Vegetable Body Scrub Soap

Patchouli: patchouli is antibacterial and a relaxant, In Chinese medicine, it’s used to balance Chi or Qi

Tea tree: Good soap or dry skin, Emollient properties and revitalize the skin.

Cedar Wood: For acne , Oily skin, Irritation, It’s for normal or oily skin . For men

Green Tea: It’s an asingent .Renunerallze the skin. It can be used for all family

Eucalyptus: Good antiseptie ,effective against herpes, uleers ,wounds , It’s good deodorant

Seaweed:  A soap with a lot of mineral salt , Good against burn. Ravitalize the skin.

Tuemeric: Relief dermatis, protect the skin. It’s a gentle soap.

Ylang – Ylang: Promotes healing of wounds, Balance sehum production. Fight bacteria that contribute to acne

(Green tea, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, Termeric)

Weight: 80 g
Price: 90 Baht