1. Traditional Thai Wisdom Massage : 30-60 hours/9,000-12,000 Baht
The Original Thai massage have been passed on through the generations from ancient times. In order to learn Thai traditional massage the student needs to be able to study the process step by step as well as understanding the analysis of the body’s anatomy and physiology.

2. Foot Massage & Reflexology : 24 hours/6,000 Baht
This is learning about the specific points areas of foot anatomy and how they correspond to the different internal organs and understanding the benefits of foot massage reflexology techniques in order as preparation for being a professional spa therapist.

3. Foot and Hand Treatment : 30  hours/10,000 Baht
This course deals with the use of paraffin wax treatments in combination with herbal foot massage. Learn the techniques required along with manicure and pedicure and general nail care. The student will practice in order to be able to master their skills in foot and hand spa methods.

4. Facial Treatment (Intensive Program) : 30 – 60 hours/12,000 – 15,000 Baht
Studying facial treatment is not only about practice the knowledge of the anatomy of the face but also requires the student to understand skin type analysis and skin care maintenance. Learn how to create and present a facial care menu and pricing.

5. Spa Body Treatment : 60-80 hours/15,000-  19,000 Baht
The study of body massage and aromatherapy treatments and methods and the use of aromatic oils. The student will be able to understand the concept of spa, water therapy and bath treatments. You will also be taught how to create your own aroma oil.

6. Herb Compress and Use of Herbs in Spa Treatments : 12 hours/4,000 Baht
The study of the use of therapeutic herbs and heat to eliminate toxins from the body. Students will learn how to use these herbs in combination with massage techniques in order to reduce muscular tension and improve blood circulation.

7. Hot Stone Therapy Treatment : 30-60 hours/12,000-18,000 Baht

Learn the basics of hot stone therapy and it’s beneficial characteristics. You will study how to use this therapy in combination with massage techniques and how to create a decorative spa environment.